Good soil conditions and preparation are the foundation of our successful organic farming. Terraces and soil bunds along the contours of  the hilly terrain in which we work are important elements for containing soil erosion. 


For growing organic goldenberries we use our own ecotype of San Pablo seeds. They are harvested at AgroAndino’s farms and ensure quality and  GMO-free production.


We grow seedlings at our own nursery. A selection takes place to ensure that only strong and healthy seedlings are taken to the fields and planted. 

Environmental Buffers

Our fields are surrounded on all sides by physical barriers for protection from insects, birds and animals.


We improve soil fertility by using compost from our  own recycled organic materials, obtained from organic waste from our drying operations. Earthworm castings are added.

 Organic pest management 

We have become experts in preparing our own natural biological agents for control of disease, insects and weeds.

Also, we use molasses and light traps to control insect plagues.




Proper trimming and hanging of plants protects them against  fungal attack.


We collect our irrigation water from natural mountain springs, store it in purpose build reservoirs and use drip feed irrigation to manage this limited resource. This allows us to produce fruit all year.

Rotation with leguminous plants 

After completion of the goldenberries cycle, we cultivate legumes on our land. This provides the best natural means for fixing atmospheric nitrogen, improve the production of biologic matter and facilitate soil nutrients' circulation and water retention. 

Let´s have a look at the results

Physalis peruviana
Goldenberry fields
Our andean valley