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Our fresh 100%
organic homegrown


... have an unparalleled taste and are grown on dedicated fields.

They are manually sorted to assure great appaerance.

Seasonality: All year round.

We manage the entire production process. This allows us to ensure perfect integration between picking physalis at our fields and shipping in reefer containers from the port of Paita. 

We can supply full containers directly. Also, pallets and smaller quantities are available through our distribution partners in Europe.



AgroAndino operates a GLOBALG.A.P. and BRC certified modern factory. We control all production parameters: fruit procurement, packaging and the shipping process to the port. This allows full traceability and absolute food safety.


 We comply with SMETA, the audit process for compliance with labor laws, health, safety, environmental standards and business ethics.

We offer three types of packaging:

Unpeeled , 100 g/box

Unpeeled, in high-quality stackable and recyclable fruit boxes. Sustainable packaging and printing, FSC 100%: FSC-certified forests are managed according to strict ecological, social and economic standards.

Unpeeled, loose, in  3.2 kg/box

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard, free of mineral oils, made from 35% recycled material.

Peeled, in clamshells/
170 g or 210 g

The clamshells are made from100% recycled materials and thus contribute to environmental protection. PET containers with lids that have ventilation or holes that allow refrigeration and ventilation of the product to better preserve the fruit until its destination.

The material and components are in accordance with the requirements of the Agency for Drugs and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)and the regulations of the European Community (CE).

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